University Project 2019


CAS Engineering in China provides practice-oriented knowledge for successful business activities with or in China. The focus is on manufacturing, purchasing and marketing technical industrial goods and services in China. Entrepreneurial perspectives for action are considered China-specific and implementation-oriented. Proven practical experience is imparted by actors who have been active in China business for many years.

The processing of the Chinese market as a supplier or customer market is handled in a differentiated manner with regard to negotiations with Chinese, production in China, advertising in China as well as commercial law structuring in the Chinese business. In addition to imparting background knowledge on China business as part of an introductory module, this CAS includes a one-week excursion to China.

Through a practical project, the external production or the purchase of supplier products in China will be introduced. Companies, economic interest groups and universities are visited during the project. At the same time, metropolises such as Shanghai or Beijing are visited with their cultural highlights.

target audience
CAS Engineering in China is aimed at people who are or want to become active in the following work areas:Production of technical products or services in China
Purchasing of supplier products from China
Sale of technical products or services to China
The target group does not see their working environment in their professional stay within China, but rather in their business in China, starting from their home country Switzerland, which they have to assess and manage correctly.The target group of CAS Engineering in China is made up as follows:Potential or already active product developers, purchasers or distributors of technical products whose aim is to outsource production in line with performance and demand, taking advantage of the advantages and opportunities of the Chinese market.
Graduates of technically oriented study programs who would like to supplement their already acquired qualifications in an international environment with regard to implementation competence in the area of value-added processes for technical products in accordance with China.
The graduates acquire both theoretical basics and practical experience in the following areas:
Intercultural and socio-political Chinese Studies
Leading negotiations in China business
Production in China
Quality Management in China
Human Resource Management China
International Business Law China
Distribution and Logistics
Sale and purchase of technical industrial goods and services in China

Curriculum and focus of studies
The CAS Engineering in China consists of 2 modules.

Module A: Background knowledge China (in Switzerland)

Intercultural and socio-political geography of China
Production in China
Human Resource Management in China
International Business Law China
Distribution and Logistics
Sale and purchase of industrial goods and technical services in China
Factory visit as basis for comparison with Chinese industrial production
Module B: China Excursion (in China)

Company visits, factory visits
university visits
Consultant talks and expert interviews
Visiting networks and business representatives
Getting to know administrative bodies responsible for issuing production permits
and trade in and with China are important contact points for foreign players.
Cultural experience
Project work, practical workshops
Own opinion formation in China
Modules A and B are connected by a practice transfer project. Within the framework of this project, the participants create a project work that concentrates on product manufacturing or value-added related areas (procurement, supply, production, sales) in China. With the support of the study management and the lecturers, the participants work on a relevant project topic that best covers the problem-solving needs of the participants or their employers.

Location: Zürich und China (Schanghai und Umgebung)

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