Campus Bridge International Business Studies offers students, young professionals and internationally oriented professionals the opportunity to gain practical information at the hubs of the global economy and to establish local networks.

The cultural understanding of other countries and attitudes is the key to understanding the people who live and work there. It is also the basic prerequisite for economically successful action on an international level. At the same time, personal development is motivated and promoted by the cultural exchange of experience.

This can take place during a conversation with Chinese students in Shanghai, during a classical ballet performance in St. Petersburg or during a visit to a college basketball game in Berkeley, San Francisco.

The transfer of knowledge in the sense of classical academic achievements is and remains indispensable. The CampusBridge program combines its own educational content with university lectures at the relevant venues. In order to combine theory and practice in this field, English-speaking management exercises and business simulations are an integral part of this discipline.

The Discipline Network gives the participants the opportunity to qualitatively expand their own network locally and to steer it internationally. Whether business contacts, university connections or personal acquaintances: the participants can pursue their interests and goals locally in direct exchange. Companies, professors and students make international networking possible, which can, for example, be exploited in internships abroad, direct company contacts, semesters abroad or other international opportunities..