From practice to practice, the seminar participant experiences in a complex business simulation exactly the dynamics and forces that must be maintained in the everyday business of a controller who carries both strategic decisions, financial overview and must at all times be able to assess exactly how well or badly his company is doing.






In the course of 3 intensive seminar days, the participants are guided to a basic understanding of strategic management and controlling.
By means of a simulated business situation, financial policy and strategic decisions are made in small groups, the effects of which have a direct impact on the simulated course of business and which are then analysed. During the entire simulation process, the participants are trained in technical discussions.

Start of the company simulation:
With a limited initial budget of 20 million CB cash and a functioning basic equipment of the simulated company, the participants are put in small teams into the situation to steer the company immediately. In the absence of company documentation, the teams start with their first analysis.

1.) First of all, a separate picture of the
in a business situation.

2.) First decisions with regard to new or
expanded business capacities will be met.

3.) It is necessary to plan which products to use on
which markets would like to be active.

4.) A business plan for the near future is to be
and to present them to the public in a fictitious
press conference.

5.) Then the operative business begins. The
The financial situation must be secured. It will be in competition
between the participating groups,
sells, negotiates and produces.

6.) The annual accounts are drawn up and presented by means of
Key Figure Determination.

7.) New investment decisions are calculated.

8.) Incorrect decisions are corrected.

9.) After the first simulated financial years, the results achieved are presented at a new press conference and compared with the plans.

Seminar language: English or German