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And the basic idea remains: Knowledge transfer must be experienced.

Curiosity, drive and openness towards other cultures are the keys to his diverse experience in business and international business. The bridging of concept and theory to lived reality in professional practice has always been the basic motivation of his professional activity.

With a degree in business administration and a focus on marketing in procurement, trade and sales, as well as business psychology, he laid the foundations for a career that was marked by economic rationality and interpersonal-emotional interactions.

After gaining his first professional experience abroad at the German Chamber of Commerce in India, he started a management position in his marketing company, which focused on the organisation and communication of international companies. After a short time, he was running one of the first sales promotion and event agencies in Germany. Nationally and internationally he worked with his agency for Coca-Cola, BMW, Audi, Dekra, Diners Club, ZDF, Pirelli, Karstadt and Media Markt.

After several years in operational marketing, he moved to marketing and communications consulting. Here he worked for an international consulting agency on behalf of both large and small companies. With the same commitment, he helped these clients to develop a structured market approach.

His activity, which until then had been more focused on marketing, changed with the crisis-prone times. From 2001, he also focused on the financial performance of companies. In a development period of several years, he conceived a software-supported appraisal logic for the acquisition of bank loans by companies.
The development of the content of his controlling software required cross-industry training for strategic loan acquisition, which complied with the current lending guidelines.

He conducted business management seminars on lending criteria, rating optimisation and financial controlling for managing directors and middle management employees in SMEs and at group level.
Mr. Müller has also been teaching economics at universities for a long time and has been teaching business administration, start-up management, controlling, marketing and internationalisation for many years. Since 1998 Prof. Dr. Udo Müller has also been teaching at the RFH in Cologne. In addition, at universities in Duesseldorf, Zurich, Saint Petersburg, Prague or Chengdu (China) he was and/or is teaching active.

In the course of years of teaching and with the experience from its activities in the Eventmanagement it was clear for it early that the experience is the best teacher for coining/shaping and interesting study. For this reason he developed real simulations of business administration. Using these simulations, he turns controlling and business administration into exciting, emotionally and cognitively intensive and lasting experiences in German or English conversation.

Especially for international qualifications, such as intercultural management or international business development and negotiation in China, Russia, USA or other international destinations, Mr. Müller started organizing and implementing international study workshops abroad in 2007.

From 2011 until 2014, Prof. Müller was head of the international office of his native university in Cologne. In addition to advising students on their studies abroad, initiating international university cooperations and administering international student exchanges, he was also responsible for the overall management of the Erasmus funding programme, from the acquisition of funding to the payment of funding and accounting. At the same time he was responsible for 10 years as BAFÖG representative of the university for the examination and approval of national and international Bafög payments.

Since 2010, Mr. Müller has been working at the ZHAW as a freelance lecturer for the MAS WI continuing education course at the ZHAW/School of Engineering in the field of the fundamentals of business administration. Until the end of 2017, he also taught organizational theory in the same program.

In 2014 and 2015, Mr. Müller was interim director of the Institute for Industrial and Financial Management in Prague until its integration into SKODA’s own university at the Skoda production site in the Czech Republic. His work consisted in the management of the institute as well as the management of the study programme and teaching for the accredited degree “MBA in General Management”.

In addition to his daily work as a lecturer in economics, Professor Müller is dedicated to new international project goals in education. His focus was on the development of a technically oriented international continuing education program for technicians and engineers. At the same time, his international development work focuses on the organization of courses for internationally oriented courses of study.

With the support of his international knowledge network and companies founded in Switzerland in 2010 – Campus-Bridge GmbH – he offers international educational projects that pave the way from theory to practice for interested students and junior managers. This continues to be done with international business excursions and practical business simulations, as well as with artistic creative impulses.

The guiding principle of his work has always been that knowledge and experience should be passed on in a practice-oriented and exciting way.